Nangten Menlang - Buddhist Medical Center

About Us

Vajrashop is operated by the non-profit association „Nangten Menlang International – Association for Promotion of Tibetan Medicine and Buddhist Philosophy“ headquartered in Vienna, Austria.

The association is dedicated to preserving Tibetan culture and its healing wisdom by sharing knowledge and experience about Tibetan Medicine and Buddhist Philosophy. It offers worlwide lectures, seminars, retreats and educations and sells various teaching materials (such as books, DVDs and CDs) and products that support the practice of Tibetan Buddhism.

The founder and main teacher of Nangten Menlang International is Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche, a high Buddhist master and well-respected doctor of Tibetan Medicine. He bases his teachings on the ancient Tantric knowledge that has been the foundation for Tibetan Buddhism, Medicine, Astrology and many popular healing techniques. Having a profound knowledge in these subjects, Rinpoche now presents to the world the knowledge of his venerable lineage, integrating various disciplines into one, as they originally were.

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